Burdelov & Partners is a team of 10-plus lawyers who are highly competent, have an impressive track record and an impeccable reputation.

Each and every one on the team has experience of advising top businesses, dozens of court cases for corporate clients and individuals,  many years of supporting clients in difficult civil and criminal cases. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience allowing us to support client in complex, interdisciplinary matters, requiring knowledge of corporate, civil, contractual, administrative law together with the potential criminal law ramifications as well as deep understanding of the economic and technological issues, underpinned by the various backgrounds of the lawyers.

We have strong expertise in sports law, not least due to the qualifications and experience of the name partner, Mr. Burdelov. Our team consists of graduates of the best institutions in Russia and abroad, and keeps abreast of the developments in the legal theory and practice. Our lawyers have successfully acted in courts of all levels, and even more importantly, they are often able to prevent litigation thus saving their clients time and money.

An all-star team led by Nikolay Burdelov

The name partner and leader of the practice, Nikolai P. Burdelov, has over 30 years of legal practice and is one of the most renowned Moscow attorneys. Being part of his team has become a sign of quality, as the team members are hand-picked for their knowledge, experience and ethics.

Our principles

  • We take responsibility for what we do.
  • The solutions offered will always be solidly legal and ethical.
  • Even the most controversial situations have a solution.
  • Our lawyers offer pro bono support to those who cannot afford legal fees.
  • Our priority is our clients’ interests.

Our services

We support individuals in:

  • inheritance, wills and estates, real property matters;
  • documentation and division of marital assets, marriage contracts, child custody and child support, including cross-border element;
  • relations with employers;
  • relations with homeowner associations, facility management companies and builders;
  • court proceedings on administrative, civil and criminal matters.

We offer to businesses:

  • legal support based on retainer contracts;
  • advice on particular areas of law and its changes;
  • legal risk analysis of contracts, participation in negotiations and execution of transactions including state contracts;
  • representation in tax and administrative courts of all levels;
  • support in examinations and inspections, collection of evidence, inquiries to the competent authorities;
  • bankruptcy proceedings, debt recovery;
  • antimonopoly disputes and proceedings with regulators and state authorities;
  • defense of business reputation and other.